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You may be experiencing anxiety and stress caused by the Coronavirus.  Everybody is going through changes and challenges every day.  You may also feel the added stressors of adverse past experiences or trauma.  The goal of Positivit is to provide you with a simple, proven formula and some simple skills that will lower your anxiety and stress levels and increase your levels of happiness, helping you to be calmer and more relaxed.  You will find that when you are happier, every aspect of your life will improve and it will be easier for you to do everything, especially to face the challenges that arise every day.  

Positivit invites you to learn and practice what we call POSITIVIT SKILLS.  They are a set of self help skills that involve the connection between your brain and your emotions or feelings.  Feelings we have when we are keyed up, anxious, angry, scared or sad, overwhelmed and shut down are connected to negative brain wave patterns.  They are negative because they hold us back and make it hard for us to function in a balanced way.  Feelings we have when we feel relaxed, safe, connected and loving are connected to positive brainwave patterns.  They are positive because they cause us to function better, connect with ourselves and others and feel relaxed and hopeful.

People throughout the world have discovered that when you practice some of the POSITIVIT SKILLS every day, you effectively change your brainwave patterns and your feelings from negative to positive. You will experience less or no anxiety, fear, anger, frustration or depression.  What a way to live!

POSITIVIT SKILLS will work for anyone; individuals, families, children, teens, and adults.  Many research studies have proven their effectiveness.  Watching the support videos and studying the POSITIVIT RESILIENCE flip book will help you understand the brain/body science of positive changes.  Working through POSITIVIT FORMULA will help you learn how to master and repeat the skills that are recommended. 

Repeat a few or all of the skills every day for at least 21 days.  You will experience real changes.  Then repeat them often for the rest of your happy life!



One way to work with POSITIVIT SKILLS is what we call "watering your garden".  You have to water a garden for it to grow and flourish.  You may not see the results right away, but you know the garden will not flourish without it.

Your emotional life is like an inner garden of plants and flowers...feelings and thoughts and beliefs.  When you practice a few of the skills every day you are watering that garden to help it grow and flourish.  The results may be "subtle"...hidden...not clear right away.  But over a short period of time you will notice the difference in your emotional life.  

Another way to work with POSITIVIT SKILLS is to follow the POSITIVIT FOMULA.  It is a step by step process for managing your moods and emotions as they happen.  It's like watering a plant that looks like it is drying up, not flourishing.  When you go through the steps of the FORMULA, you clear any challenges you are experiencing right away. If you are stuck in the High Zone or the Low Zone you can return to the OK Zone.




before doing anything else.

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EFT or Tapping has been practiced with success throughout the world as an emotional management tool for over 30 years. 

POSITIVIT SKILLS are evidence based, researched emotional management practices taken from the Positive Psychology movement.

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