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Scientists have discovered that those who practice a religious faith report less depression and more positive emotion.  Whether your personal spiritual practice is connected with a religion or is a more private, personal path, an experience with some relationship with a Divine or Higher Power can add to the experience of happiness, personal growth and flourishing.  You are encouraged to add your own personal spiritual practices to the practices suggested here. 

Here are some suggestions:

1. Think about God as you understand God sometime during the day.

2. If you feel grateful to God for something, speak your gratitude in a short prayer.


3. Read something from a spiritual book or the Bible or the spiritual book of your family's religious tradition.


4. Pray


5. Listen to inspirational music.


6. Tell someone you love them.


7. Connect with the Creator in the beauty of nature.


8. Send the frequencies out from your heart's desires to people or places in need of love and compassion.


9. Love yourself.  


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