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 Jack McGinnis

original teddy bearJaden1.png

Lots of kids these days, when they feel overwhelmed with stresses and pressures, think of just ending it all by taking their lives.  Recently a 10 year-old boy in Indio, California attempted suicide!

You may have had thoughts like this.  What we at the I.C.U. Project want to tell you is that you don't have to solve your heartbreak or discouragement in this way.  You can be happy again.  Repeating the Positive Practices we suggest in Positivit can change your feelings and thoughts to more positive possibilities.

A few years ago, when a friend of mine lost his son to suicide, I decided to write a song that I hoped would encourage a young person thinking about that.  The song is Teddy Bear Hero.  Here is a music video of the song that tells a simple story..."You don't have to end your life!"  


The Teddy Bear avatars were created by the senior graphic arts class at Xavier College Prep High School in Palm Desert, CA.

Teddy Bear Hero-Skylar Kade-Finished.png
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