Positivit Skills

Most people don't practice all of these skills at one time.  Choose the few that work best for you.  Try a new skill from time to time.



Think of 3 things or people you feel grateful for and why.

Do Conscious acts of kindness.

Change your self-talk from negative to positive.

Enjoy your personal spiritual practice.

We recommend that you learn how to do EFT "Tapping" first, then practice the gratitude and positive experiences and tapping every day for awhile.  Move to the other skills gradually.

Journal positive, enjoyable experiences.

Practice meditation and mindfulness.

Get at least 15 minutes of exercise every day!

Connect with people.

Obviously there are many other positive skills that create emotional balance...yoga, prayer, listening to music, dance, art, engagement in creative activities, etc.  If these are your anchors by all means continue them.

Learn your character strengths.

While you are creating habits of repeating some of the POSITIVIT SKILLS, discover more about who you are by learning your Character Strengths.